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(Creador) dumps US,UK,CA,AU,EU,Asia,France,Germany,Italy sell dumps track

17 Jul. 2017

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40700 puntos
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17 Jul. 2017
0 0 dumps US,UK,CA,AU,EU,Asia,France,Germany,Italy sell dumps track

*** WELCOME TO shop dumps and credit card track 1&2 with pin ***

Hello all buyer...My name : MR TU happy if business with you

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............. Ship (Laptop/Iphone/Ipad/MSR) ..............

*** LOGIN BANK ***

My price about bank :

At the moment i have some bank , so i don't have more but i will try to find more bank acc with high balance for who need

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*** My Business Regulations ***

- We Have Good SMTP For All Big Spammer

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- The conditions of sale :

No test free..u can buy 1CC for test, if CC good you can buy more

I have a replacement policy for bad CC and Dumps . Warranty 24 hours. All my CC or Dumps are inspected before sale..., not good mean change !

- I only accept payment money by Western Union ( WU ) and BITCOINS

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